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Welch's Puerto Rico
"100 aniversario" (TV, web, product packaging)
Quiznos Puerto Rico
regional brand marketing (food styling, photography, pop production, branding)
Humberto Vidal
"Alegra tus pies, sorprende tu bolsillo"
Univision Enterprises
Uniconsulta social and mass media marketing
Popeyes Puerto Rico
social and mass media marketing
Welch's Puerto Rico
trolls movie sponsorship campaign - 20th century fox promotion of the year latin america
Poko App
mobile app design and development
Choice Cable TV
"Enciende tu mundo"
(social and mass media campaign)
Univision Enterprises
packaging, digital marketing
Welch's Puerto Rico
Ice Age movie sponsorship campaign
Ricky Martin Foundation
"Contrata" human trafficking awareness campaign (web, outdoor, press, pavilion)
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